Everett Pierce: Voting, Fraud, & more

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VOTING METHODS:Solicited votes (Absentee) vs the UNsolicited

UNSOLICITED VOTES is an avenue in which a political party can DEFRAUD a voting system without it being very obvious it’s being a FRAUDULENT ATTEMPT at taking over an election.I encourage you to test it out. Ask someone:”if you wanted to take over an election & you didn’t really care, how would you do it, what would you do if you had resources & money?”vs.”If you wanted to win an election, what must you do to proudly say you honestly won with HONORS?”Way more people will be able to explain to you all the dishonourable ways that they could do to easily steal &/or defraud an election vs. those who could tell you all of that needs to be in place to have [Without a doubt] thee BEST VOTING SYSTEM ever to be used with mankind.♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡Note 1: It’s far easier to defraud or steal an election than the ENERGY/EFFORT/PERSISTENCE in earning it honorably. Percentage wise [%] more people have studied (or know about) the “ART of : HOW TO TAKE OVER & CONTROL AN ELECTION DISHONOURABLY” vs “Winning an Election HONOURABLY”, what must be presented to achieve the BEST voting system that presents fairness & High functionality.In the beginning was the WORD & as God’s apprentice, God taught me many things with 1 being “Holding an Election”. God required me to do my studies on a “50 ways to Sunday” research in knowing the BEST, RIGHT, WRONG [3rd… Evil] ways surrounding an election. In order to have the BEST election, you must be able to identify all the ways that any person can steal/defraud an Election.The Devil [UNSOLICITED] prefers to put high pressure (threat of harm) on others to vote in favor of the Devil like a sheepherder is to good little sheep following his instructions or suffer the Devils wrath … WHERE AS… God prefers [SOLICITED:You decided that you want to vote under no pressure] to allow everyone their own choice in their own evolutionary level to decide who they want to elect. = Meaning you are under NO pressure to vote [Natural free will] either way, NOR will you be PUNISHED for your decision even if it’s against God…♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡♡♡We all can observe how things are unfolding in these REVELATIONS of times of mankind especially in the USA. We see examples how the left uses many things as their way “FORCED RESULT” in a bullying way to yield a result. Like 4 example: If you don’t agree with them on climate control, you conviently find yourself unemployed (as a punishment). The word eventually gets out how a group will slander you, beat you, fire you, bankrupt you, etc… if you don’t hold to what they want you to act or believe [like a slave master to his slaves (or sheep)]Stage 1: Show samples of retaliation, show violence “Peaceful Protesting where buildings, businesses, etc…get burned down. against those who goes against you/political partyStage 2: Bring about something (or enhance) like a disaster (OR see to it that many are infected by Covid19 a pandemic) that would convince the masses of people in it being a logical & safetywise thing to do & OK in sending VOTES in the mail to flood the existing system to where all the votes that come through can’t be verified as being a real or a falsified voteStage 3:SOME [mainly the Radicalized liberals/Democrats vs the regular Democrats] of the left’s political antics. They push out [80] millions of UNSOLICITED VOTING BALADIDS in hopes, out of the fear of retaliation, will convince them in voting Democrat. Since many things on the internet is documented, they have a good idea if you vote Democrat or Republican.They know with what is in place in dealing with voting & post office… they don’t have the time to check every single vote coming in which will open that “Pandora Box of allow the fake votes to slip through & FORCED VOTES (people who voted Democrat out of fear of retaliation of the radicalized leftist, or fear of their home/business being burned down in a “Peaceful Protest”).An “ABSENTEE” voting allows those who want to vote, but because of existing circumstances they can’t physical vote like a soldier out of the country during a mission or war. These types of VOTES are verifiable as to who is actually casting their vote.●●●To be continued………very soon like, please check back hourly for updates, additional information & video or grammatical correctionsThank you in advance!

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