Ants !

While on a work trip to Greece back in 2012, I was on my way back to my villa (yes fancy!) =)  I saw a whole ton of ants on the side of the street. OF COURSE!!! I had to stop, whip out my camera and start taking pictures.. in order to get them to react to me and stay still (somewhat), i started feeding them pieces of biscuits.. which they loved, turns out these ants were HUGE! 

Yes.. i truly 100% am incredibly in love and enjoy wholeheartedly, macro photography. I love photographing ants, caterpillars, worms anything tiny which i can photograph, i’m there =) loved it when i was a kid.. sitting and staring and feeding ants, and i was labeled nuts, well if nuts is what I am.. hell.. being nuts is quite fun. =) i could of course be wasting my time doing senseless things no? i thought so.  =) Thanks for visiting.

Published by Sarina Gito Photography

Photographer and rookie Illustrator.

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